Store Stock Rental Pricing

Store Stock Rental Pricing

In Store Rental Rates

  • For instruments rented from purchased inventory.

  • Fees are paid on a quarterly basis. Early returns are prorated by a monthly scale. Unused months are reimbursed.

  • M&R coverage is an additional $12 per quarter ($4/month)

  • There is no online order form. You must visit the shop. School Band & Orchestra Online form can be found   [HERE]


  • Student 4/4 and ¾ size violins: $60 per quarter ($20/month)

  • Student fractional instruments: $54 per quarter ($20/month)

  • Advanced Violins: $85 per quarter ($28.33/month)



  • Student Models:
    (Johnson, etc.. valued under $200) $54 per quarter ($20/month)

  • Intermediate Models:

    (valued between $200 and $350) $60 per quarter ($20/month)

  • Advanced Models:
    (valued between $350 and $600) $85 per quarter ($28.33/month)

Instruments valued over $600 must be put on payment plan.


Mandolins and Dulcimers: $60 per quarter ($20/month)


Other instruments must negotiate rental plans.


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