November 12, 2011


Hewn From The Mountain Music Cafe5801 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Crestwood, KY. 40014

Hello, everyone!

Welcome again, and a first welcome, newcomers, to our Crestwood Music Store Newsletter!

We hope to soon become officially part of the local music scene with our first in-store concert by the renowned and venerable Turley Richards. There are only six days left to RSVP to this 'historic' event, so go to the FB page and put in your request. I guess it's okay if you just drop in, but only if you don't see more than 40 attendees. We REALLY want to see you there. BESIDES, you really don't want to miss a rare musical demonstration on The Violin Made Completely out of Matchsticks!

Additions to Our Website
We're beginning to post our New and Vintage Instruments on our website for all to preview. Soon we will have our own handmade instruments there for your viewing. Please browse freely, and if something strikes your interest, give us a shout or a visit. Keep coming back to see more items as time progresses.

New Items in Stock!
For all you dulcimer buffs, here's a great addition to your gig bag: The McNally Strumstick! They are fretted like a dulcimer, but tuned to different scales. The most popular model is the 'G' Model, which is a companion to the standard 'D' dulcimers. Now when a tune in 'G' comes into play, you can just reach over and grab your Strumstick! We also carry them in the key of 'D' and the key of 'C'. Check out their website, then come see our discounted prices!
We also have some small guitars for beginning students (child-size), and some new popular music books. Come and see our selection.

A Note from Your Teacher
I am so excited to be able to teach you all the things I know about music and performing. There is so so much information I'm anxious to pass on to you. BUT, if you are not DAILY practicing your lessons, then it is impossible to move forward to new and more fulfilling music skills. I want my lessons to be worthwhile and well worth the expense. Several lessons this week were postponed due partly to a lack of practicing. Ancient Proverb: THE MORE YOU PRACTICE, THE FASTER YOU WILL LEARN.
End of sermon.

You all have a wonderful week, and I hope to see you soon!

- Tom & Karen

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