October 29, 2011


Hewn From The Mountain Music Cafe5801 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Crestwood, KY. 40014

Happy Autumn!

And many, many thanks to all who have blessed me with your patronage this week.

We have some great news that you may want to pass on to all your friends:

Our First Show!
For all of you who frequent the Woodsongs Coffeehouse, you may know that there will be no performances for the next two months there. Instead, I will be hosting a special concert in my shop in Crestwood by a great performer, and Louisville iconic singer, Turley Richards, on the evening of November 17th at 7:00 pm..

Turley Richards is a Nationally acclaimed musician who has been performing in and around Louisville since the early '70's. He released his debut album on Warner Bros. records in 1970, and later scored two minor hit singles in the US, and a third in 1980. Since 1965, he has released a total of six albums, selling a total of 1.4 million to date.

For the past fifteen years, Turley has been working as a performer, producer, vocal coach and music consultant. He has jump-started a comeback with a new album and plans for a DVD about his life.

Seeing Turley in concert is an experience you will not forget. Joe Boyland, who has managed LYNYRD SKYNYRD, BAD COMPANY, NAZARETH, BJ THOMAS, and others once was quoted, "Turley is the best performer with a guitar in his hand that I have ever seen, hands down. What he can do with his voice, guitar, his rhythm, and pounding that big right leg on the stage blows my mind. Best I have ever seen."

More detailed information about Turley can be found on his website: http://www.turleyrichards.com

I want to hopefully make this a free-of-charge concert in the small, 'living room' environment of my shop. Of course, seating will be limited, [RSVP only] so let me know if you want to attend by clicking the RSVP link. It will be a great time with coffee and refreshments!

Let's Make it a 'Local Season'
When I made the decision to open a retail shop in Crestwood, I realized that the greatest odds to come up against was the trend towards buying at Big Box stores, and the convenience of the Internet. For their goods, they tout prices so low that no small retailer can ever touch. But what caused me to take the dare, is that I realize that low prices are not everything. The advantages of shopping locally far outweigh the lure of 'good deals': for both the economy and the environment. So, without saying too much about this, I know you will consider first checking out your neighbors to see the unique things they have to offer this season.

For Example:
My lesson schedule is filling up, and I may soon have to hire some other teachers. Folks are starting to hear about us from all over the state. Kids from the local schools are wanting to come in and jam (at lower volumes, of course), and there is even a band forming! Homeschoolers are checking out my services. We are beginning to collaborate with the other local shops for each other's services. I am continually bringing old, broken instruments 'back to life'. These are just the beginnings of the wonders of small business. Join the buzz!

That's all for now. Don't forget to 'like' us, and all your favorite neighborhood businesses!

Hope to see you at the show!

Tom & Karen

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