October 14, 2011


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This coming week means windy weather, cooler days, leaves, pumpkins and Fall Break from school! For all of you who will be missing their lesson this week: Happy Traveling!

By the time you read this, you will already have seen me at the Oldham County Halloween Festival at the fairgrounds. Right now, I'm gearing up to go. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. I will be making a drawing for one of my beautiful new Door Harps. The lucky winner will be announced in next week's newsletter! Also there will be coupons given out for free re-stringing of your instrument.

W.T.#. is a 'Door Harp' ???

A Door Harp is a real musical instrument that ANYBODY can play. All you need is a door. It has three tunable strings that chime every time the door is opened or shut. The door harps that I make are very unique. Each one is crafted INDIVIDUALLY. There are no two that are alike! And they are each signed on the back.

These make wonderful gifts for musicians and n0n-musicians alike. They are possibly small enough to fit into a stocking! For all of you who didn't see one at the Fairgrounds today, you should come to the shop and see my display. I will post pictures as they become available.

More on Dulcimers

Many folks have finely crafted Mountain Dulcimers hanging on their walls, collecting dust. Remember, these are beautiful sounding, music making tools that do not require a lot of skill to play.

I will be giving demonstrations and performances using this Kentucky Folk Instrument throughout the coming season, encouraging awareness about this indigenous instrument, and inviting enthusiasts to attend my Dulcimer Making Workshops in the beginning of next year.

Let me hear some interest about this.

In Store Performances

As was announced last week, we will have performances on the 3rd Thursday of the months of November and December. This will not conflict with the Woodsongs Coffehouse performances which will not happen during those months, but will start again in January. Mark your calendar now, and I will announce the performers as it happens.

Upcoming Evens

As was mentioned, I will be giving a performance at the LaGrange Rockin' the Railroad Festival, and will have a display table. I'll see you there!

Gift Card Winners

In order to get a $15 Gift Card, you must:

Come into the store and sign the guest book - or -
Sign up for an account on my website
EVERYBODY will get a gift card in the order that they have signed up. I will give out one or more per week.

From now on, instead of announcing the winners in the newsletter, I will send you a personal email which you MUST reply to if you want it, providing your mailing address, or letting me know that you will come to the store to get it. You only have one week to do this, or it will be given to the next recipient.

Again . . .


Tom & Karen

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