September 23, 2011


Hewn From The Mountain Music Cafe

Hello, Everybody,

This email is going out to everyone who signed my guest book during my first week of being open. You are now on my Newsletter List (unless to tell me to take you off it)

First of all, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to stop by and see what we're all about, whether or not your interests involve music. You will soon find that there is something for everyone here, not just for musicians. Being part of the audience is being part of the music!

As the season advances, I plan on displaying for sale a wide array of 'musical crafts' and rare gift items that all can enjoy, and I will keep you notified of new arrivals as they come, so you have more reasons to come and visit us at our store.

THIS WEEK'S NEWS: We sold a guitar and a harp so far (horrah!), and several folks are signing up for lessons! I re-strung a few guitars FOR FREE (this is our September special, so tell your friends), and sold a few accessories. There's a long way to go before we can float, but I believe that with community support, we can make this music store happen!

Now, here's what you were waiting for:
SURPRISE! Each one of you gets a $15 Gift Card
that you can use yourself, or pass on to a good friend. The card is good for any product or service that we provide.
I will give out the cards in the order that you signed my guest book. To start, I will give out one free card per week. As business accelerates, I will start giving out two, then three, etc. ... NO ONE WILL BE LEFT OUT. So tell all your friends to come in and sign my guest book!
I will notify the winner(s) each Friday in this newsletter, so look forward to it, it may be YOU!
If you happen to be the winner, you MUST reply to the newsletter within one week or it will be given to the next person. In your reply please indicate whether you will come to the store to get it, or if (and who) you want it mailed to you.

This week's winner is:

Carmen Trimpe from the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce


One more thing:
PLEASE find us on Facebook and Twitter (just click the links, that's all) and give us a 'like' and 'follow' our Tweets. If you do so, this will make you eligible for up to THREE gift cards!
I expect that all of you will do this.

So, that's it for this week. If you have any ideas, comments, criticisms, love or hate mail or any other type of feedback, PLEASE send me a reply.
I want to get to know you personally.

And don't forget to stop in for some tea. "Have a Cuppa and Jam" (I will explain what this means in my next newsletter)

Tom McShane at Your Neighborhood Music Shop,